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28 Feb 2017
Story from the Beneficiaries in Wau PoCNews
Rosa is 27 years old, and the head of household of a family of 10, living in Wau PoC. Six of the children living with her are her own, and two belong to her husband’s second wife, though she is caring for them. She fled the violence in her home village, mentioning that on the day she left...
28 Feb 2017
NFI Distribution in Ikotos CountyNews
The S/NFIs assistance has been provided to 1387 households, who were affected during the July/2016 crisis by armed attacks, which started off in Juba and there after spread to other parts of the Country. This attack led to looting of household properties and houses being burnt down in...
21 Nov 2016
SNFI intervention in Torit County, Eastern EquatoriaNews
Highlights: - First SNFI intervention after the crisis - 989 families reached with NFI assistance   Full distribution report is accessible here