Training on Mainstreaming HLP Right in South Sudan Shelter Operations

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The HLP rights principles training held in Juba on 27 and 28 April, 2021 under the theme “Mainstreaming Housing, Land and Property in Shelter Operations” was primarily aimed at strengthening knowledge of Shelter and Non-Food Items (S/NFI) Cluster partners on the principles of Housing, Land, and Property (HLP) rights as they prepare to carry out provision of lifesaving shelter activities in coming months. Its purpose was to assist them to avoid violation of HLP rights, causing or escalating HLP disputes, and help them to mainstream HLP rights protection in all their humanitarian shelter operations that they plan to execute.

Specific Objectives of the training included: Equipping participants with knowledge of HLP rights, familiarizing them with key definitions, fundamental concepts of HLP and giving them an insight into the importance of addressing HLP in conflict and post-conflict or disaster situations; Introducing the participants to the international and regional legal frameworks / obligations, and South Sudanese legal frameworks relevant to HLP; Equipping participants with knowledge of different drivers of displacement, their impacts on HLP in the South Sudanese context, HLP challenges faced by internally displaced persons (IDPs) during internal displacement and providing guidance on action supported by relevant law; Increasing participants’ knowledge on challenges to gender equity in HLP and providing guidance on ways to mainstream women’s rights with support from relevant legal sources; Raising awareness of participants on the need to consider HLP challenges facing IDPs and refugees in urban and periurban areas and identifying some remedies to those challenges; Strengthening participant knowledge of causes, and types of HLP disputes as well as different approaches to their resolution; Equipping participants with an understanding of durable solutions, knowledge of HLP rights of IDPs or refugees during displacement, return, resettlement, or integration; and impediments to as well as remedial options for achieving durable solutions and; Giving the participants a short list of takeaway points from the training.

A total of 59 participants took part in the training. 42 from 16 N/NFI cluster partner organizations, and 17 from 10 non-S/NFI cluster partner organizations were equipped with knowledge on the principles of Housing, Land, and Property (HLP) rights over the two 1-day long training courses.