PAH distributed solar lamp to 3,984 households in Bentiu UNMISS POC

Group of female headed household received solar lamp

The distribution of solar lamps/torches was organised jointly by PAH, CWW team in Bentiu PoC following the PAH assessment recommendations, the assessment was carried out in the Bentiu PoC from 01st – 05th.July.2015

PAH procured the solar lanterns, delivered to PAH warehouse in Juba by the supplier. PAH chartered a flight to airlift the solar lamps to Bentiu. The flight reception, offloading and transportation to warehouse was done by the logistic cluster in Bentiu. Storage of these lamps was in the CWW NFIs rub halls Bentiu. It should be noted that this process was well coordinated among the three partners
The NFIs cluster, CCCM and protection partners in Bentiu PoC supported the process leading to the distribution however it wasn’t adequate, henceforth there were delays in decision making for directly involved partners in the distribution. The distribution site was set within the PoC in sector 2 block 6, which was adopted site for the distribution as the designated distribution sites were being used by FSL for GFD.

The PAH hired enumerators did house to house verification and issued tokens to the households identified, houses (shelters) that were verified were marked by the enumerators to limits claims of unverified shelters. In the long halls ,household/families where registered from the halls, in each long hall there were about 10HH occupying it and the enumerators helped to circulate the information to the beneficiaries as they were identifying, verifying and registering them, telling them where the distribution will take place and the date for the distribution. During the verification the thumb prints were taken on the registration forms.

The severely disabled were verified from their houses and their caregivers were asked to represent them. However most of the disables that could move were able to come to the central registration/distribution point. During the distribution beneficiaries came with their tokens presented to the distribution team and they were directed to the receiving table. Beneficiaries were not kept lining for hours on distribution day.