Mercy Corps finished NFI distribution for 3,000 households in Panyijiar

The distribution was held in Ganyiel Town, with each payam taking one day for distribution, except Thoanoum and Chuk, which was combined due to smaller household numbers. Staggering distribution days in this way allowed for shorter wait times. Beneficiary names were called based on registration lists previously finalized, then asked to sign for the NFIs, and then were given the NFIs. Information on the distribution – dates, times, and location – was passed to the beneficiaries one week before the start of the distribution. Information on the process of distribution was passed to the beneficiaries throughout the day of distribution as beneficiaries waited to get NFIs. The distribution was held in a shaded area and water was provided to ensure some comfort for those waiting. In order to ensure a smooth distribution process, all local authorities were informed of the dates of distribution. Mercy Corps works with community committees in each payam – these committees were helpful in the distribution process, as they helped to disseminate information as well as keep order.

The distribution process involved Mercy Corps staff, local authorities and local committees. The authorities were informed of the activity and were key in getting the buy-in of the larger community – this helped in ensuring the safety and security of the area, as well as the beneficiaries receiving the items. The local committees, one per payam, were deeply involved in the distribution process. The local committees were charged with disseminating information on the distribution dates, times and locations to the beneficiaries. In addition, on the distribution days, the relevant committees were present to mitigate any conflict that might arise, keep order and liaise between Mercy Corps and the beneficiaries.