Medair finished the distribution of blankets and mosquito nets for 5,515 households in Malakal

Medair staffs handed over blankets & mosquito nets in Malakal

The distribution took place inside the UNMISS base within the POC site. Mosquito nets were transported to the site using IOM trucks from the IOM and UNICEF rub holes, casual labourers were hired to load and offload to distribution site.

No prior assessment was conducted by Medair NFI/ES team and its NFI partners. However the reports on the need for blanket mosquito nets distribution was raised by the health partners who reported increasing cases of malaria within the POCs of which they recommended for blanket mosquito nets distribution that would help mitigate malaria cases.

The Beneficiaries were mobilised with help of their community leaders and some hired casual workers who moved in the POCs with mega phones announcing the distribution process and the locations in their local language. Some community health workers from International Medical Corps also help in passing on the message in different parts of the POCs in addition to health messaging on the usage of the nets