Summary NFIs/ Shelter

  • According to the PAH & HDC team findings, the shelter condition of both host community and returnees is good. They all live in Tukuls made out of local materials like; grass, local poles, robes, ridges, sticks and are mudded. No returnees or host community members are seen to be sleeping outside or under the tree in all the assessed Bomas. However, the NFI situation looks rather impaired as the IDPs left their homes and belongings seeking refuge for the safety of their life from the neighbouring Payams/bomas. The average distance between each Boma is 12 – 24 Km away,
  • According to the team findings, both returnees and the host community are lacking basic loose NFIs materials. Out of 254 households assessed, most of them are lack cooking sets, Blankets, and sleeping mats, both returnees and the IDPs are using empty sacks to sleep on as the host community has limited materials
  • According to the team findings, the affected population of Yuai has lack loose NFIs materials. Out of 254 households (154 from returnees and 69 from host community, 22 Protracted IPDs) assessed, they are facing the challenges of sharing the few resource among themselves, as such Women, during their FGD, explained they had challenges especially cooking, they need cooking utensil, they said most of the times you need to wait until the owner of the saucepan is finished cooking then they will give you to cook for your family, sometimes kids go to bed without food as we normally cook late at night.
  • During the meeting with the village chiefs, one of the chiefs pointed out that there was no distribution of loose NFI items conducted in Patet since the returnee started coming back in Nov 2018
  • The team found out that the population structure of the returnee in Yuai Payam mostly consists of elder people who were living alone without any support
  • The average number of people per shelter is estimated to be ranging from 4-7 and the average number of shelter per household is ranging from 2 – 5 in all the Bomas of Yuai Payam.
  • The local materials for shelter constriction are available but both Returnees and host community are afraid to collect due to the fear of being attack by the Murle. During focused group discussion, one of the host community leaders said that it only takes him an hour to obtain his shelter materials from the nearby bush although currently there are insecurity from the cattle keepers mainly from Murle tribe. These local materials include; grass, local poles, robes, ridges and unburnt bricks.