Yirol East_SNFI Analysis Report_October 2019_SFP_DRC_To national cluster_rv


General summary of market assessment:   

There is a busy functional market in Yirol town, Malek, Adior, Nyang center. There smaller markets in Yali (Kap West and Wunthor), and Tenegau. The market is accessible to both the host community, IDPs, and returnees. Some IDPs burn charcoal and sell them in the market. They then use the money to buy items in the market. From the FGDs, it is clear that IDPs support themselves through collecting wild fruits (Lulu fruits), burning charcoal and selling them in the market, and exchanging manual labour in the farms of the host community for food. A small percentage of the IDPs (5%) indicated that they supported themselves by begging from the host community. The IDPs reported that begging is an embarrassing thing and if one begs twice from the same person, it is very embarrassing to go back again and beg from the same person.  Sometimes, the IDPs share shelters with the Host Community.