Yirol CBI Distribution Report

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The target criteria remained the same as per the needs analysis plan with virtually no changes during the voucher distribution and redemption.  The target group was primarily conflict-affected vulnerable members of the host community (75%), IDP’s (10%) and returnees (15%) within Matbaar

Community-based targeting criteria was employed by Plan International in which the chiefs, beneficiary representatives and the RRC conduct beneficiary selection. The selected beneficiaries were then registered and verified by Plan International Staff in collaboration with the committee and the RRC.

Targeting criteria were further narrowed down to Female-Headed households, Pregnant and lactating women, Unaccompanied Minors, Unaccompanied elderly, people with no effective community links and people with physical and mental disabilities.

The returnees from within the country as well as Sudan and Uganda were targeted in this response as they lacked household utensils and shelters. The verification and voucher distribution team found out that there was a few number of returnees from Khartoum.