Verteth flood assessmement report


The affected population in surrounding Bomas of Verteth had moved to the higher land in Verteth centre and are staying with their relatives and in public facilities at the moment, during the focus group with women, they expressed lack of privacy as they are crowding together with men.

Shelter types: Tukuls (27%)

Average of individuals sharing shelter: 7-9 individuals.

85% of the affected population were seen sleeping in an open place as their houses were submerged in to the water, on this basis plastic is recommended to enable them set up their temporary shelters

71% estimated in need of the blanket. This is because of the heavy rains in the area. There is extreme coldness at night and most of the covering HH items were submerged in the flooding and are damaged

97% of the population interviewed are estimated to need Mosquito net the first priority because there are many mosquitos as the result of the floods. Many cases of malaria among the children

Cooking sets are the last items needed by the flood-affected population in Verteth. Since many households are sharing resources, they need some additional cooking pots to prepare food in time.