Shelter NFI Analysis Report Malakal 27072020

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They are totally reliant on the services provided by the humanitarian agencies. However, few are engaged in trade. In general, the coping mechanism is totally influenced by the humanitarian aid.

DRC is providing shelter materials and involved in construction of shelters. However, IDPs also modify their shelters using available construction materials. Since import of construction materials by IDPs into the Malakal PoC is prohibited by UNMISS, they are using materials that they came along to reinforce their shelters

Officially 3,204 individuals plus 911 units in sector 4, and 3,261 communal shelters are there in PoC. However, there are so many illegal extension (according to CCCM and UNMISS) and shelters in the settlement

Apparently, there are no HHs with no form of shelters in PoC but there are around 38HHs still residing in the reception Centre of Malakal PoC

Consider the recommended items in the context of the community where you will distribute: Are they accustomed to using this item? Has the community used this item before (and if so, what did the PDM reveal)? How does the item fit into the environment in which they live?