Shelter assessment report_Wau PoC Zone A - IOM

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An upsurge in conflict in Western Bahr el Ghazal caused a significant influx of people into the displacement sites in Wau town, which have been in existence for less than a year. Over two weeks, an additional 13,222 internally displaced persons (IDPs) fled to the protected area by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan base (the PoC AA). Prior to the influx Wau PoC was already the most congested PoC in South Sudan. According to latest DTM report a total of 39,165 individuals are seeking protection in POC.

There is an urgent need to reduce congestion and rehabilitate the POC site, to provide IDPs with improved living conditions. Recent attempts to acquire additional land for expansion have been unsuccessful and are not probable in future. Provided circumstances a plan led by IOM-Shelter/CCCM has been developed to rehabilitate the current site excluding zone-C that was developed by IOM in early 2017, and accommodates 6,500 IDPs. The rehabilitation plan will focus on Zone A, B and contingency area as per the attached map.

The current request is an integral part of an overall cross sectorial strategy developed in coordination with other clusters and partners with an objective to improve living conditions and will facilitate an initial transitional area to provide temporary shelter to communities in transit while site works are being completed.