Reviewed HDC POC Needs Analysis Report

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No market assessment was conducted. Because of the lock down, most of the shops selling Non-food items are closed.

Majority of IDPs are supporting themselves with food ratio received from WFP every month, and those who don’t have buy from market through earning from their daily work inside and outside of Camp.

The IDPs have erected temporary shelters after distribution in 2017. According to Assessment team Some households sell their food ratio to buy plastic sheets for sheltering themselves (market type of plastic sheet seen) and their household property. Other work on daily jobs to buy SNFI items.

IDPs live in temporary shelter, the plastic sheet provided protection from sun heat and rain. Due to heavy rain and wind, most of the plastic were torn and worn out and there is need to replace them. This is also the rain season and most of the families are at risk of contracting pneumonia, malaria, cold and other related diseases. It will also worsen the state of those who are chronically ill of TB and other illnesses.