Post Distribution Monitoring in Tonga - IOM Jul-Aug 2018


Since conflict erupted in Tonga in March 2017, most of the population fled to New Fangak as IDPs, and to Liri in Sudan as refugees. In July 2017, IDPs from New Fangak started to return to Tonga. As people kept on returning, an alert for humanitarian assistance was signalled in January 2018 to provide services to the returnees and IDPs in Tonga. In March 2018, UNOCHA coordinated an intervention conducted by humanitarian actors from Malakal and UNCHR as Protection Cluster Lead Agency provided S-NFIs to 200 persons with special needs (PSNs). This did not cover the rest of the population who are most in need. An influx of returnees also continued to arrive from Liri, Sudan. IDPs from Unity who are also now settled in Tonga and share S-NFIs from host community. In 16 May 2018, IOM Shelter and NFI team in collaboration with S-NFI Cluster partner on ground African Development Aid (ADA) conducted a needs assessment. This was followed by the S-NFI distribution conducted from 8 to 11 June 2018.The S-NFI distribution covered a total population of 1,400 HHs (8,400 individuals) in Tonga town and 300 HHs (1,800 individuals) in Nyiluak. The targeted population were the most vulnerable returnees from Liri, Sudan, and New Fangak, as well as most vulnerable IDPs from Unity State. Beneficiaries were given the token from house to house and they came directly to the distribution site. All beneficiaries with tokens queued up for registration and distribution with the help of hired crowd controllers. Hired  distributors arranged items to be ready for collection of beneficiaries. Recipients of SNFIs were mainly residing in Tonga but some came from Nyijudo and papwajo who had to walk for around 1-2 hours (according to distribution report) and 4-5 hours (according to PDM). The most vulnerable from these far places were not able to come hence they were represented by their chiefs.