Needs Analysis Report-Yei River State,Lainya County 5 July 2019 - NRC


According to the report from Mother and Child Development Agency (MaCDA) there were about 6,705 Individuals, 1,117 HH returnees, and that returnees have been coming on daily basis to Lainya County. Whilst the local authorities reported that, the influx number of the returnees captured between March 2017 and November 2018 were estimated to be 19,362 individuals about 3,227 HHs and the number of host communities were about 26,700 individuals, about 4,660 HHs. And since January 2019 to date, there have been new case of returnees reportedly coming to occupy their place of origin. These returnees are found in the Lainya’s payams areas of Lokurubang in Nyaporo, Kenyi, Limbe, Lainya center and Bereka payams.
The returnees are said to have come from within Lainya County (where the IDPs are, in the bushes of Bereka, Kupera, Lomilikin, Loka West) in the hide-out areas, while others came from Juba, Yei, and from the refugees’ camps in north-western Uganda. Most of the returnees who came from the camps in Uganda said there is likelihood of more number of people to return home, because the condition in the camps is not favorable, due to increasing restriction of movement of refugees to access other services in the camps. Also there is no enough class room for children education as such 80-100 pupils are in one classroom, which contributed to poor learner performance in their education. 
The majority of the returnees reported that, the major pulling factor is the improvement in the general security situation of the Lainya.
and South Sudan as a whole, also other pressing factor is the limited food ration given per HHs which is insufficient for a duration of one month before another rations are released. Many people cannot afford to stay idle and hungry in the camps. If the security situation is contained there are many people willing to come and rebuild their homestead.
In addition, the local authorities, reported that, there are large number of IDPs in the areas of Bereka Payam, Lomilikin Payam, Loka west, Mukaya County. however, most of these areas are inaccessible due to insecurity threat, so the team could not reach out to carry out the need assessment in these locations,
The general security situation of Lainya County is calm, and people have business as usual, movement within and along Lainya-Yei road was resumed, according to state OCHA, however, there are restriction to some roads leading to other counties due to some security threats. This was confirmed by the local authorities and the team on ground.