Distribution Report Bor PoC 7 August 2018 - Intersos, ADA, HDC


The CFMs distributions took place at the humanitarian distribution Centre (Point) inside PoC where all humanitarians normally delivery supports to the protracted IDPs in the Camp since the outbreak of the crisis in December 2013. INTERSOS who is the PoC site Agency spearheaded the organization of the distribution with a strong support from CCCM staff.

This involved coordination of Shelter and NFIs delivery from IOM warehouse to distribution point and mobilization of casual labourers who helped in offloading of wooden poles and bamboos prior to distributions. INTERSOS hired a security guard to ensure the safety of the NFIs materials since the planned distribution date of 6th August was dedicated to Breast Feeding day for women in the PoC which Save the Children presided over the occasion carried out at the front of distribution centre to mark the day. This decision to extend the distribution day to allow Breast feeding occasion was arrived at through coordination with CCCM and Save the Children since most of beneficiaries were also females to equally need to attend the occasion. INTERSOS had to push distributions of S/NFIs to CFMs beneficiaries to 7th August 2018.

The day before the distributions, information was passed to the community leaders in weekly Monday morning Community leaders and PoC humanitarian partners meeting. All casual labourers for the distributions were recruited and oriented about their role in this CFMs distribution.

Since the numbers of beneficiaries were not much, so we created two lines; one for men and other for women. The pregnant and elderly were seated down under the shade where they were taken in turns. Crowd controllers managed the lines and serving of elderly and pregnant lactating mothers